Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lord is My Strength

Have mercy on me and be gracious to me,
O Lord, for I am weak; O Lord heal me…
Psalm 6:2

Pulling my self together this morning Joe took me over to my friend, Joyce’s house.  We gather, us group of ladies, each Wednesday, to lift each other in prayer, discuss a Scripture or two in Titus and eat lunch.

I try not to miss these Wednesdays as they lift my soul and give me a chance to focus on others and their needs as well. 

  I am so tired of feeling down, and sore and feeling sorry for myself.

When I arrived, a comfortable chair awaited me with soft cushions and blankets, a cold glass of water and many smiles. 

It’s so good to be loved.

Our dear friend, Rita Parker had made a beautiful butterfly quilt complete with a Scripture that I have been clinging to…mentioned above

It was made with loving prayerful stitches and I am once again amazed by the outpouring of love from my friends…

Mitzi came later and brought a delicious lunch; fajitas complete with every good thing, apple slices with almond butter and peach cobbler.  I actually had several bites….so good.

After a good nap at home Joe and I sat on the patio and discussed different treatment options with the nurse. 

 I am taking Tums, Mylanta and Omeprazole (acid reducer) as they are convinced my stomach pain is because of a PH imbalance. 

 I’m willing to try just about anything at this point.

Thank you for your continued prayers…I so covet them. Pray I don’t lose my focus on Him and that I don’t give in to this condition. 

 My real source of strength is the Lord.


  1. Loving and praying for you Momma XOXO

  2. I pray, Linda, that the quilt will be a reminder of Jesus arms wrapped around you as you go through this most difficult time!! You are on my mind so often during each day and I lift up a prayer for your complete healing!!

    Much love! Rita

  3. I Love You Aunt Linda!!
    Love Your Niece :)