Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Patio Oasis

Sinking into the soft cushions on the lounge chair early this morning,
I was surrounded by the splendor of the morning...
 and all that it brings.

There is not one cloud in the sky, which is bright blue and a perfect backdrop
 to the stately green trees that loom overhead.

Their leaves are rustling as yet another cool breeze wafts over me. 

I am indulging in a 'Mediterranee' French vanilla yogurt, made by Liberte.  A small skinned peach, diced and mixed in adds the perfect flavor...
the results, divine.

Joe came out and joined me on the patio with our Bibles, our devotional
and the two dogs.

We took several moments of silence before beginning, just breathing in the fresh early morning air and I thanked God for the umpteenth time...
for bringing us up here to the mountains.

My focus has been on His many blessings.  What better place then out here, where I feel even closer to Him.  The many sounds of His creation are intoxicating, and once again I lay back in wonder at the goodness and the fullness of our God.

Mmmmm...my legs are getting warmer and there is a bee buzzing somewhere by,
my eyes open and I notice how lopsided everything looks.
  I'm reclining....on my side.

What...I fell asleep out here? 
Joe saw me stir and came out to tell me it was 1:45 in the afternoon!

The whole morning was spent on the patio well into the afternoon.

After a quick bath, we went down to the radiation center for the daily zap,
over to the grocery store for a few items and then
 home again.....to the patio. 

 I don't want to leave it.

Friends came by with dinner. We lit torches and mosquito cans...
and then the pit fire and stayed out on the patio until well into the night.

From under the covers I observe the soft glow of the fires,
the warmth of friendly laughter
and the sounds of children playing nearby on the grass.

I am drifting off again and everyone makes ready to leave.

Afterwards, Joe and I stand outside in the dark looking back at our fire lit patio and the oasis it became for me today.

And I thanked God...
for the umpteenth time for bringing us up here to the mountains.

Dear friends, thank you for your prayers. 
 I did not suffer with much cramping today. 
The doctor has given me some new medication and it has helped tremendously.

Plus, I have a new friend..."Tucks".  Ever hear of this product?

  Think of cold water being drizzled over a hot skillet.

 Pssssst.... R-E-L-I-E-F!


  1. Love this blog Momma....can't wait to sit on the patio with you and Daddy! XOXOXO