Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday blessings, they are numerous

"Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?"
C. S. Lewis

Being the center of attention has sometimes been a problem for me…
I’m not all that comfortable being in the ‘lime light’. 

Birthday celebrations will certainly place me in the center of it by dear friends and family.  The looks of joyful anticipation as I open the cards and presents are evident on their faces, as they wait for that sweet connection when I am  deeply moved by their thoughtfulness and eagerness to please ….

because they love me.

Sugar has been far removed from me and fruit is my new passion. 

How creative is this 'birthday cake'?  It's the many details like this that went into a wonderful gathering of friends for a delicious, healthy lunch and fun time of sweet fellowship.

Lord You are so good. Your gifts to me are numerous.

My sweet friend, Susie Q, stopped by to cheer me bearing birthday gifts and party hats. One can always count on Sue for a time of cheerful celebration leaving me to feel like a very young 58 year old. Her prayers for me are greatly encouraging and I am thankful for her friendship

Lord, You are so good. Your gifts to me are numerous

Flowers from my son, Mike and his dear wife, Sandra, a wooden angel from my friend Vicky, books to read during the long duration in chemo therapy from my Joyce, Note cards from Mom, a butterfly necklace, many thoughtful cards and prayers, zillions of FaceBook wishes,  lots of phone calls, and excellent news today from my CT Scan report,


Lord, You are so good. Your gifts to me are numerous.

As I walk into 'Taste Of Napoli' (our favorite, local Italian resturant) for my birthday dinner, a cozy table in the far back corner catches my eye.  "Right this way", beckons our waitress, with a knowing gleam in her eye. She leads the way and as I get closer I notice the beautiful bromeliad plant
with a lighted angel on the table. 

Romance is one of the highlights in our marriage and evermore so, thanks to my Joe. "Help me to be the kind of husband you deserve" , he says

Lord, You are so good. Your gifts to me are numerous!


  1. You have done it again Momma.....Awesome Blog! I so wish I could have been with you today! Love you sooo much and see you on Saturday! XOXO

  2. That last part made me cry. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday. Love and prayers!

  3. Happy Birthday My beautiful Aunt Linda! I love you soo much. -K

  4. You always make me cry tears of joy when I read your blogs :) great news Praise GOD!!!