Sunday, August 7, 2011

What a weekend!

Over 200 hamburgers were cooked along with plenty of hot dogs and beans  for a surprisingly large crowd who showed up for the family movie night at House of Prayer.  Families came in droves toting lounge chairs, pillows, chips, drinks and homemade ice cream for an evening of fun. 

The featured film was 'Soul Surfer', the true story about Bethany Hamilton, a young girl , who lived in Hawaii, and lost her arm in a shark attack. She made a triumphant return to competitive surfing in spite of her disability due to her strong faith and determination. 
 It's an inspirational story and a great movie for the whole family. 

It was a nice ending to a beautiful weekend and I am tired, ready for the soft sheets and my comfy pillow.  Next week will be busy. 

Radiation treatments will start up again and Tuesday I will be heading to surgery for the installation of a  port.  It will be be inserted in my chest just under my collar bone.

It's a relatively quick procedure and I'll be knocked out for it....
phew....that's just fine with me!  

After the hospital it's on to the cancer center for my first chemo treatment, then radiation , and then home. 
 It sounds like a long day..... but I am ready to begin.

A big shout out....thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who have sent me emails, called and left messages, stopped me in church, and brought over gifts of practicality and inspiration. 

 I can't express enough my gratitude.

You have helped Joe and I so much in these last couple of weeks. We couldn't have gotten through this without you. 

We feel prayed up and ready to go!

With that being said, please pray for continued courage and minimal side affects.... I can be such a big baby!

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