Friday, September 2, 2011

Union General ER

Rita (my sister with nursing experience) took one look at me last night and said, “Oh no...we’re going to the hospital’.

 She called Joe and told him what she expected,
possible dehydration. 

Joe was at an important meeting in church with several upcoming big events to discuss. 

It saddens me to see how much he is balancing on his plate right now.

All that emergency training he was involved in for over 25 years has surely benefited us.

He agreed and told Rita to call when we arrived and that he would meet us there.

My blessings run deep...very deep.

 It just so happened (our God is so awesome) my nephew, Mike (Rita’s boy) was on duty in the ER that night. 

It wasn’t busy at all and they would be expecting me.

Just 3-4 minutes was all we waited and he came and got us, put a mask on my face,

 (the ER can be a hotbed for germs)

and escorted us back to a room at the very end of the hall...with a bathroom

 (a very critical need for my condition).

Being so weak I just laid on the bed and let my sister remove my shoes and get me a warm blanket.

Mike went into professional mode and asked many questions about what I was feeling, what meds I was taking, etc. He accessed my port and hooked me up to nutrients and pain meds...

sweet relief.

I’m getting emotional writing this even now as I remember looking at him and thinking

what a wonderful gifted man he is and how blessed I was to have him take care of me. 

My heart swelled.

Sister Rita handled all the many phone calls, my sister Sandy arrived and sat at the end of the bed and rubbed my feet,

 even Tori and Devon stopped by to check on me.

Was it the Demerol I was given or just the sheer emotion of being surrounded in love and special handling

 that caused me to be weepy through the whole experience?
 Maybe both.

Or maybe it's because when Joe arrived and bent down to hug me I lost control and just surrendered my reserve into his capable hands.

Feeling so much better, around 10:30pm,  Joe took me home via Walmart
(I stayed in the car) 

 The first thing I did.... promptly, was eat a bowl (yes...a bowl) of Cocoa Krispies.

 The most food I have had in a few I’ve only been able to swallow a few bites here and there.

Refreshed from a good nights sleep, and a hydrated body I faced the morning differently and with a different perspective. 

It can be easy to see natural occurrences and coincidences

when focused on myself

and in my pain,

 but if I place my complete dependence on Him... I see miracles and blessing all around me,

 even in dire circumstances.  (Jesus Calling - devotion)

 I will begin again today with a joyful expectation waiting to see how He will show up,

ever faithful is He.

“Joy comes in the morning”, my sweet friend Jackie reminded I spoke to her on the phone this morning.

“...weeping may endure for a night,
But joy comes in the morning.

~ Psalm 30:5b NKJ ~


  1. I am so forever grateful for the love of our God and how He placed His angels around you ( Rita and Mike ) I wish I could be there with you Linda and rub your feet.
    I love you sister.

  2. Oh dear Linda, I pray that the Lord will continue to minister to you and shower His love on you through this chapter. He truly is a present help in time of trouble. Let us continue to praise Him for what He is doing and will do in and through you.