Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Strength

It took every bit of strength I had left to pull myself off the bed and come down stairs to write.

After a quick bath I looked at my bed and just fell in, sinking into the soft sheets and comfy pillow.

But that’s enough! I’ve been asleep all day  on the couch downstairs and didn’t awake until 3pm.

Last night was a bit rough as Joe and I both feeling a little overwhelmed just sat on the couch, in the den an held each other, crying softly 

We stayed like that for quite sometime. 

 My man is strong, but it is hurting him to see

how weak I have become.

I seriously don’t have much strength to walk from one room to another.
 To help me sleep, I take sleeping medication, and I took two last night. 

Maybe I’ll just take one tonight

My thoughts are all jumbled together and it's hard for me to make any sense.

Sitting here trying to blog is harder today.

Please forgive me if it sounds like gibberish.

The words come slowly,Sometimes my heart gets weak,

and when they do finally come they sound foolish and empty.

I pray that
Sometimes my soul feels the edge of the night.
Sometimes my will, my foolish pride,
Carries me far, far away from Your side!
And when I lose my way, I know...

I look to You to find my strength.
Carry me to the end of my days!
A steady hand to lead me through,
Arms of faith to bring me back to You!
I will keep my eyes on love,
Set my heart on things above!
When my soul is so afraid,
I look to You to find my strength!

Sometimes my hope, it slips away.
Sometimes my dreams come crashing down!
Sometimes my life, this crazy life,
Has a heart, has a heart of its own!
And when I lose my way,
You know

To Find My Strength    ~ Natalie Grant ~



  1. I LOVE YOU MAMA xoxo Praying for strength for you. And for Dad. Tracy

  2. Aunt Linda,

    You have sooo much strength, this is just a time of a little rest. Hear the Lord, for He has so much to tell you & show you. For He is giving you your strength that you need each day....
    Love your Niece :)

  3. We love you so much dear one !!! Praying for you continually.