Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Marie

Linda is now in her second round of Chemo and towards the last day of radiation.
As I visited with her on her sun deck, she looks tired.  She doesn’t feel good as the second round of chemo is in her system.

Each day is one step closer to her final treatments.   What a wonderful testimony she is to each and every one of us.  No matter how sick she feels, this blog must go on.

Today at our fellowship at Joyce Stewart’s house all eight of us women gathered together in prayer, not only for ourselves, mainly for Linda.  I hate to think of how I would react to this ailment. Her faith never wavers, her body weakens, but her spirit does not.  Her God is there by her side, caressing and calming her spirit.  “Be Still And Know That I Am God’

Where would we be if not for our God to guide and love us unconditionally?  I hate to think of that, as I know of Linda’s faith and complete dependence on Him.  I am in awe of all of it.  She is surrounded by love and angels, it is hard to see someone going through all of this and not be able to fix it.  However Joe has the right medicine. LOVE!!!!

As she goes through this last week, we sing these praises to her.  “We Praise You In The Storm”.  “I Lift My Eyes To The Hills, Where Does My Help Come From?”  Lord, it comes from you.

Marie (Mother-in-law)


  1. BEAUTIFUL :-} So glad my sister is surrounded not only by her Father in heaven but, also her angels on earth. I'm so grateful she has ALL of you there healping and loving on her.

    Love you all,

  2. You are much loved, Linda, and so lovely inside and out. May every single cell of cancer be thoroughly killed, but may your good cells survive and thrive.
    Heavenly Father, help us know how to minister to Your daughter as she goes through this valley of shadows. We feel so helpless, but we know You are right by her side and You are bringing her through. Keep her close, Jesus!

  3. Great job Mawmaw!! Hang in there dear Linda, your running the race and the finish line is in view.....were praying for a swift victory!! XXOO