Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glory to God and on earth...Peace

Silent night, holy night. All is calm, all is bright...

It’s been about two months since I’ve blogged...so much has happened.
My friend, Dana Nelson, is in heaven...
celebrating Christmas in a way I can only enviously imagine.

Thanksgiving was celebrated with great joy and in the company of many people in our barn....about 60 family members and friends. We took turns giving joyous praise reports, expressing our deep love for one another and for the Lord.

In October we had the distinct pleasure of participating in a colon cancer event, the Undy 5000, thanks to my daughters, Ange and Nicole, who worked diligently in forming our team together....Linda’s Fanny Pack. It was awesome!  Thanks again to those of you who supported us.  We raised over $2500 for the cause.

 But the news that has me on my knees again is...
 my cancer has reared its ugly head.

I’m afraid I ‘jumped the gun’ so to speak (offsides it’s called in football) when proclaiming “Cancer Free” in big letters across my entry. A final check-up was needed  before such a bold proclamation could be announced.

After an internal examination by my surgeon, who didn’t like the wording in my cat scan, (I understood it to mean that “it looks good!” meant no cancer) a small nodule was discovered...left over from my chemo/radiation assault.

It seems I may be in the 20% of people where this type of treatment may not be as effective. A biopsy was ordered and it didn’t look good. He mentioned a possible re-section may be necessary....ostomy.

I went silent, all was not calm and someone turned out the light.

Unable to express my thoughts on this board... I abandoned it.

My peace had been shaken

You see, I struggled.  I struggled with the belief that I had been healed, that the treatment was successful and that I could put this nightmare behind me.

 But it was not to be.  I seems I have not yet finished this faith walk after all.

Another biopsy has been ordered by a specialist in Marietta who seemed hopeful after his internal examination and perusing of the last biopsy report, which left him “unimpressed”...and we are waiting for the results. We should know something this Friday.
We have a follow-up appointment with him in Marietta.

So, you see...I am not finished yet with this burden. I pray that He will open my eyes and heart to see what more He has to accomplish through this difficulty.

It is my hope that you will forgive me for the abrupt lapse in correspondence and that you will continue accompanying me on this journey.

Star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright....guide us to Thy perfect light.

Guide me Lord, closer and closer to You.....my perfect light.

Merry Christmas

to you and yours!