Monday, January 2, 2012

Another opportunity to get it right!

Give thanks for this New Year and “another opportunity to get it right”
(as some of my dear family members and friends have stated on FaceBook...albeit, in their own words)

I’ve given it a lot of thought, the only way to get it right is
 to keep my focus on Him in all things...great and small,
no matter what comes my way.

 Proclaiming once again;

I am letting go and holding out my hand....once again.
Depending upon You, Lord, for every little thing.
Here I this state of uncertainty
and placing my trust in You,
where it belongs.

I pray you had a wonderful Christmas and that this year will be an opportunity to ‘get it right’...with His help, with His guidance. It’s an ongoing journey, for sure, with missteps along the way. 

But He is faithful! He will reach down His hand and pick us up, dust us off and set us back on the path...

’His grace reaches lower than your worst mistake’ (Phillips, Craig & Dean)

Joe and I have experienced the importance of prayer, trust and standing together firmly hand in hand when facing tribulation and trials.

I want to share with you this one story about Joe and I that is dear to my heart.
I will pass it on to my children and their children’s children.

It’s an example of how close we can be.

I wanted to buy something for Joe this Christmas that represented my love and gratefulness for all that he has done for me, for all that he has been through in my illness and for his steadfast support and devotion through it all. 

I picked out a beautiful bracelet and had it it engraved with a word that expresses all that he has meant to me...especially with what we have endured and I came across this

Is it not beautiful?!  Also, very masculine. 
The word I chose was ‘PROTECTOR’
which aptly expresses what he has been for me. 

He has been my strong prayer warrior and protector,
always by my side through this whole ordeal.
If you’ll notice, the bracelet is shaped like a handcuff
which represents his willing attachment to me.  
He’s been at every doctor’s appointment, hospital stay,
and my every ‘meltdown’.

I could hardly contain my excitement when I eagerly pushed it in front of him just after our devotion early Christmas morning.  As he opened it his expression showed a little more curious emotion than I had anticipated as he inspected it running his fingers over the word...
“I love it”, he said slowly as he smiled at me.
I kissed him and poured out my heart telling him how grateful I am and how fitting I thought the word was and how much he means to me.

The answer came later when I opened my present from him, a beautiful silver bracelet with several charms...lovely!

There was one charm in particular, however,
that holds so much meaning to me.

...a little firefighter with the title

How precious this bracelet is to me.  
We don’t always meld together like that, but when we’s *magical*


  1. What a beautiful "God-incidence." May this year bring you good health, joy and peace. Joyce

  2. That is the most beautiful story I have ever heard in my 52 years of life. God Bless you Linda. I am a friend of Teri and Mari. We went to high school together. I now live in Birmingham, I'd hoped we could see eachother when they came to Georgia, but couldn't seem to get together. I will continue to keep you in my Prayers and your family as well. Much love to you.

    Sincerly,Patty Alessi