Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Golden Arches?????

Well, blogging has its benefits....Mom had a lot of time on her hands while in the hospital: She has mentally remodeled her entire home, yard, property, and probably her hospital room thanks to HGTV :-)
She also was able to look up different blogs concerning her inability to taste, which is a huge hindering factor in her desire to eat. Unbelievable as it is; the golden arches of McDonald's was a remedy that we tried and worked!
The fries somehow coat her mouth and block the "chemo film" enabling her to taste the fries! Which also led us to discover that the coke per mom, "woke up her taste buds a bit". Finally helping us discover that she can taste ketchup! Hallelujah she can eat!!!!!

She thought this was so funny!  (Worth every horrible calorie or whatever else may be in those fries to see that smile and hear that laughter from my Momma again)

Which also led to an approval from the Dr. to go home. Yay!

We have been doing much better at home....learning what things she can taste, using condiments to liven things up (so far it's ketchup and bbq sauce). We have put together lists of caregivers schedule, medications, phone numbers, and such. We have begun to read a book series and heard from Dad, whom is having a few traveling bumps, however should be back on track and in Belarus this evening.

We are continuing to ask that visitors hold off for now, Mom's immune system is still compromised and she is very tired.

Mozart, Bach, and a few other classical artists have been playing, the amazing wonderful pumpkin vanilla candle is lit, the lights are dim, and momma is cozy.

Please continue to pray that her stomach cramps and nausea continue to lessen and for Dad and the team in Belarus to complete the work that the Lord has sent them to do.

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, support, and help

Blessings, Nicole  

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