Monday, October 3, 2011


Surrounded by the finest care,

I am emerging from what felt like

death’s door.

My weeks stay in the hospital brought me from a sickly, weak state
 to a slow recovery.

A blood transfusion, white cell booster shots,
bags of nutrients and constant monitoring
restored my body from a grey to pink color.
My involuntary shaking ceased as well as the nausea.

My stomach is still cramping and I am battling fatigue,
However each day I feel a little better and better.

I’ve been admonished to stay out of hospitals, Doctor’s offices,
Away from the public, small children and anyone sick.

Joe is in Russia and in his absence my family
And friends have risen to the challenge
and care for me around the clock.

I am relaxing in His everlasting arms. 
My weakness is an opportunity to grow
strong in awareness of His mighty presence.

I read that in my beautifully stated.

Here’s more; When my energy fails me,
I do not look inward and lament the lack I find there.
 Look to Him and His sufficiency;
 rejoice in His radiant riches
that are abundantly available to help me.

Thank you again for all your prayers, cards, thoughtful gifts,
 meals, time spent reading to me, errands,

       I can’t possibly mention everyone or everything.

I am loved beyond measure and am so
grateful to you all.

Please pray for Joe and the team in Belarus, and for my dear friend, Dana,
Whose cancer is still advancing.....

She needs a miracle!

Please pray for my continued recovery and a restoration of my taste buds.

I am focusing my attention on the path just ahead of me
And on the One who never leaves my side

~ Sarah Young ~

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