Monday, October 24, 2011

Wiggin out!

Me and Sue!

Little bit of peach fuzz going on.....
that’s what’s on top of my head now.
My younger brothers have salt and pepper
hair a top their heads.....

so it only made sense, that since I can no longer dye my hair...
the color coming in is just that,

salt and pepper.

It was decided...a trip to the wig shop
was in order.
  after all, it'll be
months before
I get a decent head of my own hair.

Betsy in the mirror..I didn't get this one

My sweet, Betsy and a friend, Sue, volunteered
to bring me down to the Mall of Georgia.

We had a blast!!

Spent the whole morning trying on beautiful
wigs of many different styles and colors.

Betsy was such a dear, taking
photos of each prospect and texting
the pics to my daughters and

”This one?”
“How about this one?”

I got this one!

I finally decided on two and left
the mall with a new spring in my step.

It feels so good to have hair!

Joe and I spent a great weekend down in Woodstock
with our daughters and grandchildren.

We celebrated Nicole’s birthday, went shopping,
attended the Fall Festival my daughter organized
at her work, Trickum Animal Hospital, with all the little pets.

Chester as Batman

(It was a good deal of fun!)

We attended church and generally had a great
time with family.


Thank you, Jesus, for my healing.
Thank you, Jesus, for a renewed faith
Thank you, Jesus, for your love...

“For all that you’ve done, I will thank You,
For all that You’re going to do,
For all that You’ve promised,
And all that You are
Is all that has carried me through,

And Jesus, I thank You.”

~ Hillsong ~


  1. Wow Linda, you really did get through the Storm. You look so great, like the hair too.
    "all things Are possible". Luv, Cook and Rob

  2. WOW sister you look amazing!!! Boy, the things people do to loose weight :-} just a little humor. . . . seriouly, PRAISE THE KING :-} I am soooo grateful to Him for healing you . I love you bigtime.

  3. So great to hug your neck Thursday!!! You look the new hair! Glad you are feeling so wonderful...God is GREAT! Love you <3