Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rain and Peace

Rain, rain, rain....
we sure do need it!

It makes the Fall leaves shine
 brilliant colors....gorgeous!

It’s been a good week so far,
With just a slight set back last Monday.

I think I did too much
the Sunday before with my walking
 and sightseeing.

Wednesday I was able
To go to my weekly
Bible study with the girls.

It felt so good to be with them,
Laugh, pray and study the Word.
Oh....and eat :)

My taste buds have made a full recovery!
Food holds pleasure once again....
what a victory!

Thank you, Jesus!

My meeting with the cat scan this morning
went well...except for the drinking
of the horrific white stuff.
I was able to keep it down, though
so that was good....what a relief.

Dr. Barnes will let me know
Monday what the final outcome will be...

But I already know......

Cancer Free!!!!

Not allowing myself to be tied
up in anxious knots.... I
receive His gift of peace.

It grows in me as I
Continue to trust in Him.

Therefore, circumstances can’t touch my peace,
I’m enjoying peace in His presence.

“All things work together for good
Of those who love, who love the Lord.
Why waste one minute when you can have
Peace in the midst of your storm”

~ Peace in the Midst of Your Storm – Kurt Carr ~

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