Friday, October 7, 2011

A Big Mac?!

“Go out and eat a Big Mac!” 

That’s what Dr, Manfredi (my chemo Dr.) advised.
Thrilled as I was to hear I can eat what I want,
I couldn’t see myself eating one.

I opted instead for creamy chicken Top Ramen...Yum!

I had a good visit with the doctor.

My blood counts are really good
and he is pleased with my progress.

“Don’t push yourself and get plenty of rest”,
he admonished.

That’s what I am doing, taking
each day at a time,

 relishing in God’s grace and mercy.

My Father came by today and spent
the whole morning with me.

We had good conversation
 and he read to me from the Word.

I am so blessed to have my Father in my life,
He is a true joy to me.

I can hardly contain myself
 as today is the day
my Joe comes home from Belarus!

He will be so pleased to see
The progress I have made.

I can’t wait to hear the wonderful God stories.

Thank you all for praying for him and the team.
They have been covered in your prayers
And have been protected on high. 

Glory be to God!

1 comment:

  1. Love You Linda! So glad to hear you are doing better! You are a daily thought, I always want to call and see how you are doing and feeling but I know you have a lot to deal with and prob many others trying to find out how you are. Just know you are always in my thoughts and you are loved! xoxoxo! Lori