Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sharing the Attention

Chester and I have been healing together.

We’re sharing the couch and
sympathizing with one another.

He took sick with a stomach condition
And is now receiving an equal amount of

Dogs are so funny.

They sense so much and I think he knows
How sick I’ve been...

He’s a little jealous.

It’s not like I’m not willing to share the attention,

I certainly have my share,

And it’s comforting to have him sit beside me
 all curled up and snuggled in close.

That is how I have been feeling lately.

I’m snuggled in and comforted by my family and friends
 who are with me around the clock
in the absence of my husband.

They bring joy to my heart
 and healing to my body.

Each day I feel stronger
and more grateful
for each accomplishment

Thank you, my precious Lord!
You help me find joy,
even in the most difficult

You bring me hope and
unfathomable peace.

I praise your glorious name
And sing Your praises on high!

1 comment:

  1. People experience a large release of beneficial hormones petting a dog, 'stroke away'... your dog loves you!
    The world is filled with inspirational people. Some have invented products and concepts that have revolutionized our world. Others have liberated nations by gaining freedom for the people. Some have dazzled us with their genius and art. Others have given us insight as to how we should live. Some have devoted their life to helping others...
    Your Blog inspires me to always be my best in everything I do. That life is a gift that God has given us and to cherish every moment of it... thank you for sharing!