Monday, August 29, 2011

Miracle Cream

It has become my respite, the front patio

 and I couldn’t wait to get out here this chilly morning.

All cuddled in a blanket, I listened as Joe read to me from the Bible.

Time in the morning with the Lord is so precious.  These sacred times with Him strengthens and prepares me to face whatever the day will bring.

His word draws my focus back on Him and takes me away,

(even if for just awhile)

 from this
pitiful condition.

My groin area is still very angry but I seem to get a little relief from
an aloe plant that Kelli brought me.

The fresh aloe gel has managed to keep it
to a low screaming level…aarghh.

Joe hopped on the motorcycle and headed for Murphy
for yet another ‘miracle’ burn gel…I opted to stay here on my patio and sleep.

Mikey, my nephew, came by and weed-eated around the yard. 

He wanted to do something for us,
 God bless him…and we are grateful. 

He is quite the entrepreneur….kudos to you, Mikey!  

One more visitation before I slept, my brother-in-law, Dave and his son, Jacob. 
They came to return Joe’s truck.

 He was kind and stayed for just a bit, sensing how tired I was.
  He even said I had a nicely shaped head… Ha!

Chester immediately took upon the role of a that I could nap uninterrupted.
I just love that dog…

My view of the trees when I awoke at around 3pm.
How beautiful is our Lord’s handiwork!

Concerned, I checked around to see if Joe returned…
he had been gone for a long time.

Getting ready for my doctor’s appointment, I tried not to worry, thinking he would pull up at any moment.

The familiar sound of Jack’s diesel truck and trailer pulled up, and as I peeked out I saw Joe’s motorcycle on the back.

In came my frazzled Joe with a McDonalds bag (my plain hamburger), a Zaxby’s chocolate milkshake and the ‘miracle’ cream from Walmart.

“My motorcycle blew a gasket and Jack came to rescue me”, he exclaimed…

and my heart swelled for him,

 knowing how quickly he wanted to get back to me.

We ran upstairs and gingerly applied the cream…it burned a bit at first, but then seemed to die down…and now…it’s calmer.

This could be it…I pray.

Thank you, precious Lord….Your face shines upon me.


  1. Momma I am so thankful for the miracle cream...I will be praying that it will continue to calm for you! Love you :-)

  2. I can't imagine living with such discomfort "down there" :(. Glad you found some respite!