Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jesus passing by

Me, Sandy, Nicole, Kim (our table leader), Tanya, Tracy, Rita and Michelle

Hungry for some time of worship with my girls, I settled in for a day of 'Healing and Wholeness' at the much anticipated 'Women Who Walk' Conference.

The speakers who shared, humbled themselves and bravely told about their mistakes, their shortcomings and their ultimate need..... for Jesus.

The theme was central; The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever.

My sisters, nieces and daughters were in attendance, in support of me, and I was grateful and eager for us to get a 'touch' from the Lord..

We came for an encounter....and He met us there.

At the forefront of the ministry is Lisa Easton, a beautiful woman of God.  She and her sister, Laurima, led us into glorious worship... and we praised Him.

Glory, how we praised Him!

Lord, I am amazed by You .......

I will shout it from the rooftops, you are good....

Oh, how He loves us, oh....

Mighty breath of God.....

A healing touch is what I was looking for and faith propelled me into action. When invited down to the front, I pressed through the group of women in attendance and found my way to the front with the support of my loved ones just behind me.

Jesus was passing by... and I didn't want to miss my opportunity to touch Him!

I stood before Him, exposed, and in complete surrender. Women started coming down to the front and stood around me at the request of Lisa (she knew I was diagnosed with cancer). She called out for their support.

Soon I was surrounded by a multitude of praying women. They were weeping and praying and kneeling at my feet, covering me. 

They were crying out to the Lord........ for me.

  I stood in their midst...humble and thankful.

He met me there.  My Jesus?  He met me there, He was passing by and  I reached out to touch him....

But......He touched me  

Lead me through the valley
Lead me through the streams
Restore me and draw me to you, God
To you I lift my soul
To You Who makes me whole
Gently You hold me close to You
Close to You

- Rebecca St. James -  

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