Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peaceful in the Recliner

Plans to attend the Women's Retreat at our church this morning were cancelled.

As much as I would like to have wouldn't be wise.

It's hard to execute wisdom.

Looking forward to at least a small part of it, my mind was changed when I realized I would be encircled by my sweet friends...

 and that I would not be able to resist hugging and kissing on them.

So many of these women have surrounded me with their love and hope.  They have covered me with their prayers, timely messages and sent numerous cards of encouragement during my ordeal.

However, my immune system is severely compromised and it wouldn't be good if I caught a cold or the flu at this point.

A picture of me on a cushioned lounge chair, enclosed in yellow caution tape, parked close to the 'Ladies' room with a mask on my face isn't exactly how I want to present myself.

But, my Joe is there.  He and many other men are working hard in the kitchen this weekend to see that the ladies are properly fed with good eats. It is their intention to make it special for them and to see that no woman has to lift a finger in the kitchen.

~ sigh ~

Love me a thoughtful man!

Not totally alone, my Tracy and her son, Justin, came up to stay with me for the weekend.

There is nothing like having your children come and hover over you with ever protective eyes, ready to serve in any capacity...sweet love.

Justin bathed Chester...

he looks so much better, not the tangled, mud-mop he was starting to look like.  After that he joined his Pop-Pop in the kitchen at church...

and all the while I slept in the recliner.

Busily cleaning bathrooms, washing sheets, making beds, and cleaning floors, Tracy makes it easier for me to rest.  She makes it easier for me to be indisposed.....

she comforts me and waits on me...

and loves on me.

Listening to my worship music on the MP3 player she busily works,
and I think...

God, you are amazing!  At every opportunity, You are there...

waiting to be heard.

And all the while, I lay peacefully...asleep.... in the recliner.

Glory to God!

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  1. You were missed and loved and your Joe and the men served us all well...wonderfully, really! We spoke of you often. Everytime I talked with someone about you and ypur blog we talked about what a terrific writer you are. You have a gift for words and for conveying your heart. Keep it up! Much love, friend!!!