Friday, August 26, 2011

Lay it Down

Around and around goes the ceiling fan overhead...

I shut my eyes tighter, and it's no use...

I can't sleep.

Exhausted, I came upstairs for a nap,

because today has been hard.

The dizziness and fatigue seem to be constant, and there is something new...

The 'Itch'

One should have a healthy respect for what an itch can do to a person....

it can bring them down.

Of course, when you have 16 radiation treatments (and counting),

this is what to be expected.

My whole groin area seems to be on fire as several different maladies have
reared their ugly heads.

Feeling sorry for myself, I felt cursed like the Egyptians in Deuteronomy
when Moses warned them of disobedience. 

 They would be afflicted with boils, hemorrhoids, sores and

itching that won't go away.

OK, now I'm thinking crazy!

I reached over for my MP3 player chastising myself for not putting it on in the first place.

The beautiful voice of Charles Billingsley began to serenade me and I snuggled back under the covers.

Lord you know my heart
Lord you know my need
Every step I take
Lord I feel the weight
Of every burden on me...can I

Lay it down at the Altar
Lay it down at Your feet
I am desperate for mercy
I am desperate for peace
For you're the one that is Holy
And I'm the one who's in need...can I

Lay it down
Lay it down at the Altar

If you are one who needs mercy
If you are one who needs peace, come and
Lay it down, Lay it down, Lay t down
Lay it down at the altar.

Put everything, every burden at the feet of Jesus...He will carry you,

 even into blissful sleep

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