Monday, August 15, 2011

My Elder Anoints With Oil

Sensing my fatigue and wanting to do something about it, Joe reached in the bedside table and retrieved the 'annointing oil'. 

It was a gift from Dad and Betsy. It's called Boaz, an olive oil from the Jerusalem forest.

Keenly aware of his position over me and understanding my need for him to lead me in the way of prayer, he set it out carefully, late last night, and prayed...

 softly anointing me in several places.

Being sick, one is often little capable of praying herself, and it was a privilege to have Joe lead my thoughts in devotion,

 leading me into the throne room of grace. 

Besides, James 5:15 reads the prayer of a good man may be of avail in restoring him to health. 

 Joe's prayers for me were for relief of pain and fatigue, for my ultimate restoration to health and for the medicines to be beneficial. 

 (Side note: a natural remedy; gargling baking soda and warm salt water is excellent for mouth sores...almost instant relief)

My own personal elder, he rises to the occasion each and every time, and always in the Name of the Lord.

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