Monday, August 1, 2011

Cat Scan

The woman wearing blue gloves is Jennifer, a very sweet technician,
who made my Cat Scan experience pretty smooth.

She looks alot like my friend, Jackie, which immediately puts me at ease :) 

  She's inserting an IV in my arm so they can give me a contrast injection.
The iodine contrast fluid shows up white making my organs, blood vessels, and tissues more visible.

This will help my doctor determine if the cancer has spread.

But, I am thinking, and so is my doctor, they won't find anything!

 I'm full of chalky white fluid that I've been downing since late last night. 'Mocochino', they called it....not!

  "Put your arms up over your head", says Jennifer, but I am too busy waving to that cute photographer, Joe.

 (who takes great pictures by the way, albeit a little blurry)

The CT scanner has a red light that shines on my body to help ensure I'm in the right position. 

 After Jennifer, and my photographer, leave the room, the CT scan started up.

The table moved through the doughnut hole slowly, all the while sounding like a distant washing machine. 

 Nuts! I knew I forgot to transfer the clothes into the's amazing what trivial thoughts come  into my mind in the midst of such a serious test! 

Jennifer entered again and injected the iodine contrast into my IV.

Wow, I felt like another hot flash was coming on. The warmth rushed through my system heading for my  sphincter and urinary system making me wonder if there will be some sort of unintentional release...

fortunately, for everyone, that did not happen.

A recorded voice told me when to hold my breath and when to breathe again. I was dutiful and obedient and the whole thing was over before I knew it.

Cat Scan down, I am another step closer to treatment. Which, by the way, starts this Wednesday and then every day for 5 weeks (except weekends).  Chemo will start next week sometime.

I'm ready to get started.

I'm ready to get this over with. 

I'm clinging to the cross 

Simply to the cross I cling
Letting go of all earthly things
Clinging to the cross
Mercy’s found a way for me
Hope is here as I am free
Jesus, You are all I need
Clinging to the cross
by Tim Hughes

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