Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's a Love Feast

"And he made them a feast, and they did eat and drink" Genesis 26:30
A gathering of family was what was required to satisfy my hungry soul for strength and solace.  We packed up and headed down to be with loved ones to celebrate our birthdays.  What better way than to have a love feast?  

Cooking's what we've done since the kids were little. 

Tracy's very favorite birthday request....her Dad's Lasagna!

 ..and of course, crunchy bruschetta

Gabby bringing out her Caprese salad made with love

everyone wants to get in on the preparations...those are heirloom cherry tomatoes by the way...delicious!

There is something about the breaking of bread, 
the coming together as a family
and eating a meal lovingly prepared, that evokes the fondest of memories 
new and old. 

 It's a time of thanksgiving for our many blessings, not just for the provision of great food and drink...but for each other. 

 Eating together as a family is a lifeline for me. It is spiritual nourishment. I am connected with my loved ones keeping a wholeness and a balance in my life which seems to be unraveling. 

Hold fast to the ones you love and treasure them greatly. 
Break bread together often, keeping your family table front and center, 
and thank God for all that you have and for all whom you love. 

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