Friday, July 29, 2011

"...if two lie down together, they will keep warm..." Ecclesiastes 4:11

It is in the early morning hours that I can look upon my Joe in his sleep
and reflect once again on the goodness of our God.

 Although He is my rock and my fortress,
I am vastly aware of what He has given me in the way of a husband. 

 Joe has been my dedicated warrior and my formidable protector.
God has taken him through a rough time of an awareness
of just Who is in control.

It’s not an easy lesson for my strong husband,
who wants to make it all better for me.

A gentle hand on my body and a soft noise awoke me
in the middle of the night.

It was dark and I could barely make out the figure of this man
kneeling by my bedside
with his head buried in my sheets and his hand placed gently on my body.

 I quietly lifted him up in prayer as I felt the fervent pressure of his hand
and the soft anguish in his whispered prayer.

Our marriage has grown even stronger in this trial.  God has joined us together
 and though it took years to understand it, and rejoice in it…we have finally come to realize
 how strong we are as a single unit because of Him.

We are a cord of three strands, united in Christ and not easily broken.
Joe is standing faithfully beside me in this, he is keeping me warm and supporting me through it all,
 even in the wee hours of the night he is ever watchful.

Father, you amaze me by the countless ways you’ve made me aware of Your love for me…through the touch of my husband, the love of our children and grandchildren, the prayers and words of encouragement from numerous people and from Your Word.

 I stand amazed.


  1. Daddy,
    You are the most Amazing man, an absolute pillar for our family! I am so thankful that God chose you to be my Daddy! I Love You!
    Nicole XOXO

  2. Tears! You are both precious people!